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Paul VInson


A youthful Singer/Songwriter with a soulful voice and wisdom beyond his years. Not what you would expect from a 19 year old kid but when you look into his past it all comes together. Paul William Vinson was born August 13th, 1998 in Pensacola, FLA. Raised in a family of Southern Gospel singers music was in his blood but it was a different style of "Christian Music" that really influenced Paul. After picking up guitar in the 5th grade Paul began singing and leading worship at his local church every week from middle school thru his senior year of high school. This experience shaped his voice, his writing, and his life. As he became older he wrestled with the ideas of faith and began to draw away from the worship scene looking more to the "secular" side of things. Paul got his first taste of the industry in "Music City" Nashville, TN his junior year of high school and from then on he was hooked. As his senior year of high school approached and the pressure of college came into play Paul decided the Universities weren't for him and he would pursue music as a full-time career, which is touched on in his song "Moving On". Since then Paul has written and released his Debut Ep "Leaving Home EP" featuring 5 songs written over the course of a year that touches on topics such as, love, faith, pride, and hardships in Paul's life. The Ep was introduced by a crowd funded 13 show tour across the eastern US called the "Dorm Tour" where he played free shows in his friends college dorm rooms.


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